30W LED in action 30W LED on spiral heatsink

Not just LED lighting, but state of the art LED lighting!

High power LED drivers, LEDs and accessories for a low energy lifestyle.

Light quality

  • Lights both fade in and gently fade out. Add a touch of class.
  • Simply better colour quality. Natural finishes such as wood really pop with visible depth and richness of colour.
    (CRI 97 LED emitter option)


  • Extreme power saving. Presence sense turns off lighting in unoccupied rooms. Ambient light sensing and automatic dimming control reduces electricity use to a bare minimum.
  • Power conversion can exceed 95%. High efficiency LEDs with up to 3800 lumens of light output from a single 30W LED element.
  • For off grid housing, native DC operation with power sipping and presence sense make your off grid Watts go further. Potentially much further.


  • One driver board can control many different types of light; low voltage LED or halogen (Eg. MR16 fittings), 12V LED strip lighting, constant current chip on board (COB) LED elements.
  • Runs on low voltage 12-24V DC. Safe for DIY installation.
  • Integration with home automation systems. X-10 RF and X-10 RF security protocols as standard. Freely extendable.
  • Away mode gives your home a lived in look when you are not there. Arm and disarm using a key fob remote control.
  • Luminaires for task, ambient, direct and effects lighting. Total lighting solutions.
  • Note: many features are optional and incorporate additional lighting components.

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