Not just LED lighting, but state of the art LED lighting

30W LED light off 30W LED light on dimly
30W LED light on bright

30W LED mounted on suspended heatsink. Light is reflected off the top plate and to a lesser extent the ceiling, down into the room. Provides amazing ambient light without the glare of direct LED lighting.

Driver powering 12V track LED lighting (MR16)

Low voltage MR16 style LED lamps are seen here mounted on a track system. Those that support dimming can be dimmed under control of the LED driver, as well as faded in.

Driver powering 12V strip LED lighting

LED strip lighting can also be controlled by the LED driver. Strips typically run off 12VDC. Here we see strip lighting being used over a projection wall.

Driver powering 50W halogen

50W halogen MR16 style lamp control. Here it is being driven at very low power in order to make taking a photo possible. Halogen lamps are terribly inefficient compared to the best LEDs and so cannot be recommended. If you want to drive them however it certainly is possible.

X-10 compatible key fob remotes

Off the shelf X-10 RF remote controls can be used to control the lighting, fading in, fading out, setting default light levels and more!

Ambient light level controller

The Luminana is an ambient light sensor that maintains room light levels at the level you set. The ultimate in power saving!

Arduino power level display meter

Not a product per-se but an Arduino micro-controller with an LED display shield and RF receiver. Here it's receiving and displaying the power presently being used by the nearby light: 29.9 Watts.

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